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The Three Musketeers
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Part I


Chapters 1-10


1. Do the Three Musketeers make a good first impression to the reader?


Answer: No, the Musketeers started the book looking for a fight. They challenged the already troubled D’Artagnan to a duel, but later redeemed themselves by entertaining the young hero and becoming his friend. The reader eventually becomes involved with them all. DW


2. What is the first mistake D’Artagnan makes on his journey?


Answer: After being ridiculed for his clothing, D’Artagnan is beaten by The Man from Meung. He should have ignored the comments and moved on, but his young pride and spirit hurt him. DW


3. Are the Three Musketeers alike?


Answer: Each of the Musketeers seems to be individuals with their own agendas, with the exception of fighting. They all have their own interests, but they enjoy each others company and work well together. DW


4. Do the Musketeers like the Cardinal?


Answer: No, the Musketeers do not like the Cardinal. He is the most powerful man in the country, but he works against the Queen and her affairs. The Musketeers become fierce rivals with him and often fight his men over unimportant issues. DW


5. Why does Dumas introduce the characters like he does?


Answer: Dumas introduces all of his characters through conflict. He is able to show the difference between the good and bad guys through the same plot, fighting. He shows the difference between the two from the beginning of the book, and it is an effective way to draw the reader into the book. DW


Chapter's 11-25

6. What did Milady steal from the Duke of Buckingham?


Answer: Milady stole a piece of the brooch that the queen had given to the duke. EG

7. What did the queen let D'Artagnan do and what did she give him?


Answer: The queen let D'Artagnan kiss her hand. She gave D'Artagnan a ring. EG


8. Where are D'Artagnan, Porthos, Aramis, and Athos headed when all but D'Artagnan get hurt?


Answer: They are on their way to Paris. EG

9. What has happened to Monsieur Bonacieux?


Answer: He has been interrogated. EG

10. Who is with Madame Bonacieux when D'Artagnan see's her being escorted by who he thinks is Aramis?


Answer: The Duke of Buckingham. EG


Chapters 26-37


11. After Athos finally comes out of the wine cellar and is completely drunk, what story does he tell to D’Artagnan?


Answer: He tells D’Artagnan the story of his former wife. He had fallen deeply in love with her until he noticed that she was branded with the Fleur-de-Lis, a symbol marking the most terrible criminals. RB


12. What does Kitty, Milady’s maid, reveal to D’Artagnan?


Answer: Kitty confesses to D’Artagnan that she is in love with him, and Milady does not truly love him. She also reveals that Milady is actually an agent of the Cardinal and was involved in the kidnapping of Madame Bonacieux. RB


13. What does D’Artagnan do when he learns that Milady is actually in love with Comte de Wardes?


Answer: He sets up a meeting with Milady under the identity of Comte de Wardes, and disguises himself. When he meets Milady, he is seduced and has sex with her, and she gives him a ring of affection. Later, as himself, D’Artagnan meets Milady and tells her what had really happened, showing her the ring to prove it. They then fight and Milady’s shirt becomes torn and D’Artagnan notices that she is branded with the Fleur-de-Lis. RB


Part II


Chapters 1-7


14. What message does the Cardinal send to D’Artagnan and why?


Answer: The cardinal sends for D’Artagnan to come meet him. When D’Artagnan arrives, the Cardinal offers him a position as one of his guards, but D’Artagnan politely declines. The two part ways, and the Cardinal is left frustrated. RB


15. What message do the Musketeers overhear the Cardinal tell to Milady?


Answer: They overhear the Cardinal order Milady to go to the Duke of Buckingham and threaten to reveal his affair with the queen if he does not abstain from the War against France. The Cardinal also instructs Milady to assassinate him if he does not comply. RB


Chapters 8-26


16. Why is Milady so shocked when she is confronted by Athos in the Inn?


Answer: Milady was surprised by the presence of Athos because she believed that he was dead. WC


17. How long does Milady have to escape the castle before Lord de Winter banishes her?


Answer: She has two weeks before he will banish her to a far away island. WC


18. How is Lord de Winter’s “right hand man” John Felton seduced by Milady?


Answer: John Felton is a devout Protestant so Milady poses as one and tells her about why Lord de Winter hates her so much.  Milady uses her beauty and charm and a suicide attempt to make the young naval officer completely fall in love with her. WC


19. How does the Duke of Buckingham die a happy man?


Answer: John Felton stabbed him fatally, after he left a messenger comes bearing news from the Queen, asking him to call off the war which she knows is only because the Duke is trying to show his love.  Also the messenger gives one more message to him from the Queen and that is that she still loves him. WC


20. What did Milady do to cause the death of Madame Bonacieux?


Answer: Milady took a glass of wine and gave it to Madame Bonacieux, only Milady had added poison to it when the Madame would not go into the carriage.  She later dies in d’Artagnan’s arms. WC



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