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The Three Musketeers

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D’Artagnan is the central character of The Three Musketeers. He starts off as a young, Gascon nobleman. He ventures to Paris to seek out his fortune in the court of King Louis XIII. When he arrives, he fights each of the three musketeers, Aramis, Athos, and Porthos, proving his bravery and capability. He joins the famous trio and together they go on missions for the King and Queen. D’Artagnan continually exemplifies the code of chivalry upheld in those days by acting brave, ambitious, crafty, resourceful, and intelligent. “Like any romantic hero, he is driven by love and ruled by chivalry, but occasionally prone to fall into amoral behavior.” (, 3).


Athos (Comte de la Fère) is the most important of the Three Musketeers. He acts as a father figure towards D’Artagnan by helping him adjust to the musketeer lifestyle. He is the oldest of the group, but is still young. He excels in many things including his bold and brave attitude towards danger, his intellect, his good looks, and his exceptional swordsmanship. He is distressed when the musketeers catch Milady, as he was formerly engaged to her before noticing that she was branded as a thief and murderer.


Aramis (Chevalier d’Herblay) had dreams of becoming a priest earlier in his life but he gives up those dreams as the consequence for fighting in a duel.  He is a handsome, and somewhat reserved young man, but in some instances is a little on the silly side when the circumstances require some lightheartedness. He constantly reminds the others that he is only temporarily a Musketeer, and that some time soon he will return to the Church. He has a mistress that he tries to conceal from his friends, named Madame de Chevreuse. Aramis seem to be the musketeer that most often gets hurt in their encounters.


Porthos is a strong character that likes to dress to impress. He is very foppish on many occasions. He is the loudest and brashest of the Musketeers. He shows a lot of vanity, or self-importance, but he backs up his big ego by acting as a courageous fighter.


Lady de Winter represents the quintessence of evil in the novel; she is d’Artagnan’s opposition. At first, d’Artagnan is attracted to her for her looks, but soon he hears how much she despises him and how she plans to have him murdered. He still likes her though. She acts as the cardinal’s personal spy and is responsible for the deaths of a young priest, the duke of Buckingham, de Winter’s assistant, John Felton, Constance Bonacieux, and her husband. D’Artagnan finally catches her and she is beheaded for her crimes.


Madame Bonacieux is the queen’s linen maid and is very loyal to the queen. When d’Artagnan first rescues her from the cardinal’s men, he falls in love with her. Because of this, she is able to convince him to go to London to save the queen’s reputation. Constance eventually realizes that she is in love with d’Artagnan.


Cardinal Richelieu is the King’s head adviser, making him the most powerful man in all of France. He is extremely egocentric and power seeking. Since his power is based on the King’s reputation and power, he is very concerned with keeping the King’s reputation and power maintained.


Queen Anne is the queen of France. She is from Spain, so she has devotion to both the countries of France and Spain. She is secretly in love with the Duke of Buckingham. The King that she is married to is not incredibly fond of her and the Cardinal absolutely despises her. She sends a gift to the Duke, but Milady intercepts it and the affair is almost discovered.


George Villiers (the Duke of Buckingham) “is the Favorite and the Minister of War for King Charles I of England.” (, 3). He is “the perfect English gentleman, handsome, witty, brave, wealthy, and powerful.” (, 3). He and the Queen are having a secret love affair, which is very dangerous because currently, France and England are at war during this time.






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