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The Three Musketeers

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Alexandre Dumas was born on July 24, 1802 in Villes-Cotteręts, France.  His grandfather was a French nobleman who settled in Santo Domingo and married a black woman.  His father was a general in Napoleon’s army.  Four years after Alexandre was born however his father died, leaving the family poverty stricken.  In 1823 Dumas traveled to Paris to find work.  There he found a profound joy in theatre and soon he was a playwright and had profound success.  Soon he began to write even more plays gaining him more and more popularity.  By 1843 Dumas had written 15 plays and had quite a following.  Dumas began to write books which helped him to gain an annual income of 200,000 francs.  But, in the years 1844-1845 Dumas wrote perhaps his most famous books.  The Three Musketeers and The Conte of Monte Cristo.  These books skyrocketed Dumas and he was reaped huge benefits.  However, Dumas spent the money almost as quickly as he made it on mistresses, friends, and art.  Alexandre took part in the French Revolution, and helped to try to gain Italy independence.  He traveled to Brussels to escape the media for several years. His life had seemed to of turned around.  "But after too many years of writing, traveling, and carousing, Dumas died of a stroke in Puys, near Dieppe, on December 5, 1870."




The Three Musketeers By:  Alexandre Dumas takes place in France in the early seventeenth century, during the years 1625-1628.  France was in a state of chaos at this time.  "During this time, The Thirty Years War was taking place, which pitted German Protestant princes who were allied with France, Sweden, England, and Denmark against Austria and Spain."  Both Austria and Spain were mainly Catholic, while all of its enemies were Protestant, with the exception of France, which thought that its best interest would be to ally itself with the Protestants.  While this was going on France was also involved in its own civil war which involved protestants and resulted mainly in the deaths of protestants.  At this time Louis XIII was King and his prime minister was Cardinal Richelieu who some argue had much more power.  The musketeers were the king's guards and were formed by Louis's father.  The Cardinal had his own guard and they are just reffered to as the Cardinal's men.  There really was a D'artagn who travelled to Paris to become a musketeer.  Alexandre Dumas stayed true to the real history of France which made this book a lot more enjoyable.  Which I think made this book a classic. 

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